The Essence of Kukka

Kukka, which means “flower” in Finish, is designer Conchi Fernandez’s passion and creation.

Kukka is the designated name and logo of this brand because Conchi Fernandez believes that flowers are not only beautiful but also herald good things to come. This beautiful emblem of spring transforms over the course of summer into fruits that nourish and seeds that bring about more life.

(Designer Conchi Fernandez on left wearing flowers and a dress of her own design)

Flowers are also representative of people, each type stunning and expressive in their own way, none competing with the other. It is Conchi Fernandez’s hope that the diverse beauty of Kukka jewelry can plant seeds of good will in the world. 

The Kukka name, logo, and color also serve as tributes to Conchi Fernandez’s Spanish heritage. Córdoba, Andalusia—her hometown—is a World Heritage site, a cultural center, where Christians, Muslims and Jews have coexisted for over a thousand years. This legacy is everywhere to be seen in the art and architecture of the city, which is home to the world’s third largest mosque.

Córdoba is also the scene of the annual Battle of the Flowers, an annual tradition where residents welcome spring by decking both homes and floats with orange blossoms, jasmine, carnations and geraniums and by showering each other with these flowers. The patio flower arrangements, begun as a way to keep Córdoban houses cool during summer, has since evolved into a celebration of life and color.

The women of Andalusia can often be spotted wearing red or magenta dresses with flowers in their hair. Their joyous and flamboyant costumes match the legacy of their hometown; Andalusia is the birthplace of flamenco, bullfighting, and Pablo Picasso, as well as the setting of the famed opera Carmen. The flamenco—which, like the city—is influenced by Greek, Moorish, Indian, Christian, and gypsy traditions, is a dance full of fire and vitality, a wonderful reflection of the city at large.

(the battle of the flowers)

It is no wonder then that the radiant Kukka flower is the chosen representative for this Andalusian-born brand, and that Kukka’s earth-friendly packaging contains bright splashes of magenta to reflect the energy of its birthplace.

Each piece of Kukka jewelry is dressed with the Kukka flower to remind wearers of Kukka’s origin. It is our hope that the flower’s graceful petals, curved like a smile, will infect you with some of Andalusia’s celebratory spirit.

Each gem has a story to tell.