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Women's Earrings White Rhodium Plated 'Leaves Harvest Willow'

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Title Leaves Harvest Willow
Finish White Gold Plated
Material Sterling Silver
Category Earring
Article 18LAV02E-B

Earrings made in sterling silver 925 with hook stick, with white rhodium, patina of oxide, white sapphires created and fumé quartz.

Elegant, dramatic, aloof, these limelight-stealing earrings are the apex of sophistication. Their sleek design and wine-red hue contrasted with their dark patina and intricate texture make them the perfect combination of femininity and edge. Inspired by the weeping willow’s fiery fall canopy, these earrings are sure to sweep you off your feet.

Our bracelets are made to order this makes each bracelet a unique piece of art. We use natural stones, paint and acid free. Latex Free. Nickel Free. Handcrafted in Spain.