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Mens's 'Core Magma Convection' White Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Ring

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Title ss Core Magma Convection
Finish White Gold Plated
Material Sterling Silver
Category Ring
Article 17MGM03R-W090

Ring in 18 kt Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver with White Rhodium and Siliconite Cz. stones.

Magma, stone, crystal —each layer of this tri-textured ring represents an element of nature. Radiating fire, strength, and energy, this luxurious ring imitates the convection of earth’s mantle. Let its ice-hot power elevate you to the peak of fashion.

Our bracelets are made to order this makes each bracelet a unique piece of art. We use natural stones, paint and acid free. Latex Free. Nickel Free. Handcrafted in Spain.