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Black Rhodium Pendant 'Blaze Magma Compass ' for Him

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Title Blaze Magma Compass
Finish Black Rhodium Plated
Material Sterling Silver
Category Pendant
Article 17MGM01P-B000

Pendant in 18 kt Yellow Gold Plated Ster- ling Silver with Black Rhodium and Siliconite Cz. stones.

A core of heat and action surrounded by rugged charm—this chic, dashing necklace is a fashion compass for the urbane modern man. Hardcore Kukka with its smooth rhodium and glittering accents, it adds power to any ensemble.

Our bracelets are made to order this makes each bracelet a unique piece of art. We use natural stones, paint and acid free. Latex Free. Nickel Free. Handcrafted in Spain.