The woods, the desert, flowers, and the ocean— our designer Conchi Fernandez turns to the life-giving forces of nature for inspiration. Her pieces are textured, evocative and stem from landscapes all over the world. Her international vision has reached Russia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Puerto Rico, and now Mexico, the Virgin Islands, and the United States.

Conchi Fernandez’s passion for design began in Córdoba, Andalusia—Conchi’s hometown and a World Heritage site. Córdoba is a cultural center where Christians, Muslims, and Jews have coexisted for over a thousand years, leaving their legacy in the art and architecture of the city. Córdoba is also a place of passion and creativity where each May, residents welcome spring with the Battle of the Flowers, decking both homes and floats with flowers, and also showering each other with flowers as well. This tradition is the source of Conchi Fernandez’s inspiration for the name Kukka, which means flower in Finnish.

Córdoba is not only the inspiration for Kukka’s artistry but also the secret behind its fine craftsmanship. As Kukka’s home base, Córdoba boasts a large jewelry-making industry where traditional masters handcraft each piece of jewelry. Each piece of Kukka jewelry is a labor of love, taking shape in the hands of a Spanish artisan, with Conchi Fernandez overseeing the creation process.

Jewelry is among the most intimate art anyone can own. It is carried against the skin. It becomes a part of the wearer and helps augment who he or she is. It is Conchi Fernandez’s hope that wearing or giving Kukka is not just an expression of beauty but also an evocation of each person’s journey, a token of connection between people, a blessing and a talisman testifying to the beauty of an interconnected world.