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Yellow, Black and Brown 18 kt Gold "Atacama Desert Storm" Women's Bracelet

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How black gold is possible in this bracelet?

This Atacama Desert Storm lovely bracelet is handmade in 18 kt Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver, and has Black Rhodium and Brown & Champagne Cz.

Pure 24 kt gold is always yellow, but some metals like Rhodium, that can cost ten times as much as gold or more have a darkening effect in this piece of jewelry

A evocative description of this jewel

Witness the merciless beauty of a desert storm—the wind whipping the sand into arcs of gold, the gale tossing glittering stones into the sand-veiled sky. The raw organic power of this bracelet is classic Kukka. Pair with a dress for a luxurious touch or with jeans for untamed allure.