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Alma Perla Yellow front view | Girls' Necklace | Kukka Jewelry

Girls' 'Alma Perla Poseidon' Necklace Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver

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Title Alma Perla Poseidon
Material Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Category Necklace
Article 18ALP02P-Y

A necklace to dream, inspired by the jewels of the depths of the rivers. The touches of the Zafiros give the joy of their flashes to a piece full of personality and strength.

This double-strand pearl necklace emanates modern majesty. The sapphire-encrusted top medallion echoes the intricate spiral of a nautilus shell. The free-flowing bottom medallion of hammered silver and rhodium evoke the geometric lace of waves upon sand. The statement pearl centerpiece embodies the wild and glorious perfection of the sea. Combined, they create a masterpiece worthy of Poseidon, lord of the seven seas.

Our bracelets are made to order this makes each bracelet a unique piece of art. We use natural stones, paint and acid free. Latex Free. Nickel Free. Handcrafted in Spain.