Ring for Her Pink Gold Plated 'Glimmer Halo '

Ring for Her Pink Gold Plated 'Glimmer Halo '

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Stone Rg Her Pk Plated 'Glimmer Halo '
Metal Silver 925 & 24ct Heavy Gold Plated (5 times more thickness than American Standard)
Size 10mm
Package Leather Jewelry Box

Ring in 18 kt Pink Gold Plated Sterling Silver and White Rhodium.

Like a ray of sunshine that has traveled lightyears through space, this loved one has gone above and beyond to reach you. Only a true sunbeam like this friend can break through the clouds, light up the sky, illuminate your world. Celebrate your love with this lovely halo ring.

Our bracelets are made to order this makes each bracelet a unique piece of art. We use natural stones, paint and acid free. Latex Free. Nickel Free. Handcrafted in Spain.